What is Con Trâu?

Con Trâu (kän\tra ō) is the Vietnamese word for Water Buffalo. Water Buffalos are humble animals that are a representation of Vietnamese Tradition, much like the bald eagle is for The United States. Since 5,000 years ago till today, Con Trâu are used extensively to till the soil for each year’s harvest. Their influence on the Vietnamese Traditions have coined a proverb “Con Trâu là đầu có nhiệp”, which means “the buffalo is the prerequisite for starting a business”. By their strong will and endurance, they are the only animal that were able to till the harsh soil of the lavish rice paddies. But, more importantly, their humble and faithful nature is tradition.

Con Trâu is endurance, Con Trâu is humbleness, Con Trâu is Tradition.